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Transportation Management Update Procedure


Follow these steps closely to update your installed version of Transportation Management.   Maximizing your browser window makes these instructions easier to follow.

  • If you have questions or experience any problems contact your help desk.
  • This document includes hyperlinks to facilitate the installation of the Transportation Management Update.


Close Transportation Management before running this update.


Click "Here" to download the Update.

After clicking the hyperlink at the end of this step the following will display based on the version of your browser


Be sure to select
     "Run this program from its current location".


Click "OK".


Click "Open".



Wait while Transportation Management is downloaded to your PC..



If you receive this warning Click "Yes".



Click "Next".



DO NOT CHANGE "Save files in folder" path.


Click "Next".



Click "Yes to All".



Click "Finish".


You can now start Transportation Management.


For Windows 7 Users, when prompted with the following screen, please select

"This program installed correctly".